Caring About Sussex Wildlife

For centuries, art has been a universal language that crosses boundaries and brings down barriers. It resolutely connects humanity to the beauty around us as a celebration of the natural world. It is because of nature’s awe-inspiring beauty that we as a new organisation in the 21st century feel a passionate obligation to protect our surrounding environment for the future generations to come.

Our collaboration with Sussex Wildlife Trust allowed us and our artists to help safeguard the future of the Sussex local flora and fauna by having donated original works of art for sale during the fair all at the affordable price of £50.

We are please that throughout the past three events over £4,000 has been raised and donated to the trust! Outstanding!

Some past exhibitors who donated include Alison Ingram, Fraser Renton, Rachel Anderson, and Angela Melkis to name a few, and we are sure that just as many artists exhibiting at our next event will also continue to support the Trust by donating as well at future events!